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TermitesTalk about eating you out of house and home... termites are only to happy to oblige! Unlike other insects, they actually eat and digest wood. Since termites in Massachusetts and Rhode Island live and nest in the soil most folks will never notice them or know there's an infestation. Without contact with the soil, their little bodies would dry out from lack of moisture. The only subterranean termites normally seen are the winged reproductive swarmers as they leave their tunnels each spring to mate and begin a new colony elsewhere. Termites are even more efficient than carpenter ants at breaking down dead wood. They forage through the soil in search of food, and if none can be readily found, build mud tunnels or tubes to the wood they wish to devour. That's why home owners can miss termite activity for years - long after considerable structural damage has been done. Do you know a home owner who wants to hear a contractor say the dreaded words "structural" and "damage" in the same sentence? Guardian Pest Control has had extensive experience inspecting & treating for termites and other structural pests (such as Powder-post beetles). As a company we're members' of the WDI Registry (wood-destroying insects) where our technicians have received additional professional training and are highly equipped to recommend solutions to your termite and other structural pest problems. We offer termite baiting programs where appropriate and non-repellent liquid treatmentsor sometimes a combination of both. Unlike many pest control companies we also recommend the use of borate products (i.e. wood preservatives) on all exposed structural wood in the basement: such as the sill plate, joist-ends, beams, supports, etc. This treatment will provide you with additional protection at no additional cost. Call us today and place your home under the protection of the Guardian Shield!