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MiceMice believe in family values so you may think you have just "one" mouse but that's unlikely. Mice are called commensal rodents: they live and eat together. There are plenty of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins around the "table" and plenty of young for grandma and grandpa to dote over. A single female needs only 21 days to produce a litter of 5 to 6 mice and is capable of having 6 to 10 litters in her lifetime. In only six weeks these adult offspring are ready to mate ans start the cycle all over again. Mice are expert break-in artists too! They can squeeze their furry little bodies into holes just 1/4 inch wide and are great climbers. Once they enter, mice can establish themselves in the walls, attics, ceiling voids, or any relatively undisturbed area. Mice have been known to carry disease and can be quite unsanitary in food preparation areas. We may use baiting and/or trapping and we seal any structural openings we find that provide access. So call today and let us design an effective treatment program for your home or business.