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Common pests that we deal with on a day-to-day basis:


Bed BugsRecent bed bug activity around the country has been described in the news media as an invasion or epidemic. These reports could be part of an episode on the SyFy Network: Alien creatures invade earthlings' homes, lurking in any available crack or crevice, waiting for the dark of night so they can feed on human blood as their unsuspecting hosts sleep. (read more...)


Carpenter AntsCarpenter ants often nest and breed in decaying wood. A tell tale sign of their activity is the "frass" or sawdust like product they leave behind when channelling into timber. In nature, carpenter ants are beneficial as they help break down dead wood, returning it to the soil. Unfortunately, carpenter ants look at your home as just a big pile of dead wood ready to be turned it into compost. (read more...)


TermitesTalk about eating you out of house and home... termites are only to happy to oblige! Unlike other insects, they actually eat and digest wood. Since termites in Massachusetts and Rhode Island live and nest in the soil most folks will never notice them or know there's an infestation. Without contact with the soil, their little bodies would dry out from lack of moisture. The only subterranean termites normally seen are the winged reproductive swarmers as they leave their tunnels each spring to mate and begin a new colony elsewhere. (read more...)


MiceMice believe in family values so you may think you have just "one" mouse but that's unlikely. Mice are called commensal rodents: they live and eat together. There are plenty of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins around the "table" and plenty of young for grandma and grandpa to dote over. (read more...)


CockroachThe cockroach most commonly found in Massachusetts and Rhode Island is called the German cockroach. In Germany it's called the French cockroach. But what's in a name? (read more...)


RatsRats are more than just mice on steroids. They have excellent balance, can climb very well and are very good swimmers. They also have extraordinary sense of hearing, taste, touch, and smell. (read more...)


Yellow JacketsYellow jackets are a type of paper wasp and tend to build their nests inside structural voids such as those found in roof soffits, walls, ceilings or under exterior siding. Unlike the honeybee, these highly social insects are capable of stinging multiple times as they aggresively defend their nests. (read more...)


Pavement AntsPavement ants are no picnic! While they are an occasional nuisance, in large numbers they can be a terrible problem. (read more...)


Pantry PestsThese pests are part of the food supply. They are brought in with the food products you buy in the store. Don't worry - a few juicy insect parts never hurt anybody (read more...)


SpidersSome common household pests in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are spiders, centipedes, earwigs, and silverfish. Most of the time these pests are just an occasional nuisance but they may also infest a home in large numbers. (read more...)



Asian Lady BeetlesOccasional invaders are pests that really don't infest your home: that is they don't feed or breed indoors but are only looking for a place to crash for the winter. Sometimes they congregate in great numbers and really become a nuisance. (read more...)


FleasThe joy of pet ownership! Even pets with flea collars, or those that are regularly treated with a preventative, may get fleas. (read more...)


Carpenter BeesCarpenter bees are the B-52's of the bee kingdom. They look like super-sized bumble bees but have shiny black rear-ends. Carpenter bees are usually pretty docile and seldom sting; but they do damage wood. (read more...)