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CockroachThe cockroach most commonly found in Massachusetts and Rhode Island is called the German cockroach. In Germany it's called the French cockroach. But what's in a name? Whatever it's called the cockroach can be quite a nuisance because it invades some of our most intimate spaces. Found often in high moisture areas such as under kitchen and bathroom sinks, and dishwashers, cockroaches eat what you eat and sometimes even feed on food particles found on your toothbrush. They reproduce quickly and left unchecked can infest an area in very high numbers. Although good sanitation helps in cockroach control even the cleanest home or business can become home to these pests. All it takes to be invaded by these insects is a neighbor stopping by, groceries brought home from the store or a delivery. Guardian offers several types of treatment methods including baiting and trapping as well as complete "clean-outs" (liquids, fogging and dusting). We work closely with landlords and property managers within the metropolitan areas of Fall River, New Bedford, Providence, Taunton, Pawtucket and provide written documentation for all treatments completed. We also do extensive work in commercial kitchens and restaurants. Call us today and let us set up an effective treatment program for you.