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Bed BugsRecent bed bug activity around the country has been described in the news media as an invasion or epidemic. These reports could be part of an episode on the SyFy Network: Alien creatures invade earthlings' homes, lurking in any available crack or crevice, waiting for the dark of night so they can feed on human blood as their unsuspecting hosts sleep. Bedbugs don't fly or jump, are not invisible or come from another planet. Although not usually seen during daylight you may notice the reddish brown stains bed bugs leave on bedding or mattresses. Any place where humans spend time resting or sleeping provides suitable conditions for them. Left unchecked they can infest homes, apartment buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, offices, movie theatres, cruise ships and airliners. Increased travel and fewer effective pesticides have contributed greatly to the spread and explosion of bed bugs. Many cities in Massachusetts and Rhode Island have experienced high bed bug activity such as: Providence, Fall River, and New Bedford. Guardian Pest Control has had extensive experience eliminating bed bug infestations in many types of environments. We've developed a series of treatment protocols designed to eliminate bed bugs quickly and with the least inconvenience to you. In most cases we recommend three treatments. We limit the use of pesticides by using specialized vacuum cleaners and by providing and installing mattress encasements to all bedding. Call Guardian Pest Control today and you'll rest easier!